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Default XFX Overclocked GeForce 7600 GT (PV-T43G-UDD3) Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: XFX Overclocked GeForce 7600 GT (PV-T43G-UDD3) Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/344

Here is a snippet:
"GeForce 7600 GT is the top mid-range GPU from nVidia and XFX has this model, PV-T43G-UDD3, which comes factory-overclocked. Letís see how faster is this overclocked model against the regular GeForce 7..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Hardware Secrets Team
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Default A Very Good Mid-range Card Indeed...

Greetings All. I know this article is over 2 years old but I wanted to reply with some feedback as I currently have this card and have had it since 2006. It is still going strong today and has no quitting signs. I believe I paid around $139.99 for this model on TigerDirect.com at that time. I may have purchased the XFX OC'd edition (590MHz) 6 months later after it launched.

Anyway, I still run this XFX model and run it really hard. I really didn't start pushing this card until maybe a year later. I felt like it needed to be broken in like a brand new car before pushing the limits. I have been OC'n the heck out of the card ever sense the year expired and thus far I got it up to 630MHz Core, and 840MHz Memory with no overheating or ghosting images. I was amazed. Maybe my proper cooling and ventilation helps. My case is the ULTRA m998. My mobo sits like a dot in this huge case.

The specific games that I play using this card are:
BF1942, BF2, BFV, Half-life2, TestDriveUnlimited, Call of Duty 1,2, & 4, Frontlines, etc. Some of the games I play in max settings, and others I play in medium settings. However, the frame rates can get very low due to intense graphics rendering and so forth. The average is about 15-25 fps during intense rendering. I am overall satisfied with this model and feel that I got every cent worth and them some.

I now own the XFX nVidia 9800 GTX Black Edition (760MHz Core, 2280MHz Memory). I have not pushed this card yet since it is fairly new and is not necessary to do so at this time. I'll do my traditional like new car and wait a year before I think about OC'n it further.

Well thank you for your time in reading. Below are my specs regarding my mid-range system.

MSI-7173 M0B0, Ultra Modular 600W PSU, Intel P4 Celeron D 3.06GHz CPU, nVidia 256 MB 7600 GT XXX Edition, 2 GiGs Patriot RAM @ DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz 1.8v, OS WINXP32-BIT SP3
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Gabriel Torres
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Thanks for sharing!
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