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Default ECS SDGE Technology

There has been a new article posted.

Title: ECS SDGE Technology
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/188

Here's a snippet:
SDGE stands for Scalable Dual Graphic Engines and will allow you to connect two SLI or two Crossfire video cards together in a system without using a chipset from nVidia or ATI. For example, a motherb...

Comments on this article are welcome.
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Default I accept your point but...

I disagree with your comment that this technology could only be successful in developing nations, and I see a real world use for this technology in the USA, and Canada. People in developing nations often cannot afford dual graphics, not because the chipset price is too high, but because only mid-range to high end graphics cards are the only ones which can make effective use of SLI or Crossfire it puts this technology out of the reach of the economy market. In the US, and Canada people are more willing to spend more money on computers; thus they are also willing to put their money into dual graphics. Both ATI and NVIDIA offer great options for dual graphics. However their options are restrictive to that manufactures select graphics cards, and would never support the others technology (without some massive cross patent license, an extremely unlikely and un-business like venture which would never happen in the real world). ECS’s technology on the other hand provides the option to gamers to choose which system to use, and later change their minds without having to drop 200 bucks on a new motherboard. I know personally I have been looking for a technology such as this, so I can make up my mind after I start upgrading, and I am not stuck in a motherboard which forces me to go with the loosing graphics firm. I am not heart struck on either NVIDIA or ATI as a chipset option or as a graphics card manufacturer, and I have used both in the past with varying levels of results. Again to reiterate my point I think this technology provides a great new direction for gamers around the world; not just in developing countries.
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Gabriel Torres
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You point makes sense. I'll change my oppinion!

I'll update the article.

Thanks for your very usefull feedback.

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