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Default Ultra X4 500 W Power Supply Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: Ultra X4 500 W Power Supply Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/867

Here is a snippet:
"Ultra has recently launched a new power supply series, X4, with seven models featuring a complete modular cabling system and single-rail design. We've already reviewed the 850 W model from this series..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Kudos to Ultra for an easy to understand modular cable explanation. This is the way it should be done by reviewers too. How else to figure out maximum capabilities unless stated all cables supplied can be used at the same time, which is the case with this PSU. Though they don't mention the length of the cables.


This way Ultra X4 500 W is one of the best 500 W units around until someone releases an 80 Plus Silver or Gold 500 W unit.
That may be a while, for the price to come down, as it seems VRM for the minor rails and a more efficient PFC/PWM module is needed to achieve very high efficiency. Also how much money is really saved once 80% efficiency is achieved at 40C???

PP&C seems to have a good method of computing this savings with some modification for home use that I think is valid. Using 8 hours instead of 24 hours makes more sense for home use. Of course if you are a home user leaving your computer on 24 hours a day there is plenty of savings by just shutting it off when not in use.

Model................Efficiency @ 550W.........Input Power @ 550W
Silencer 750W........ 83% ..........................662W
Standard 550W........73.8%........................745W

For the same output power, the Silencer 750 uses 83W less input power.

3-year savings = .083KW x $0.10/KWH x 24 x 365 x 3 = $218.12
Using the Ultra 500W PSU at 60% power, the unit needs 304.2 watts rounded to 305 watts and using my electric billing of 11.35 cents a kWh including taxes and all charges for 1213 kWh used.

305 watts divided by 80% equals 381.25 watts
305 watts divided by 90% equals 338.88 watts
The difference is approximately 42.37 watts.

.04237kW x 0.1135/kWh x 8hours x 365days = $14.04 savings a year or $7.43 savings a year for 85% efficiency.

$14.04 * 3years = $42 savings with 90% efficiency over 80%

$7.43 * 3years = $22 savings with 85% efficiency over 80%

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Gabriel Torres
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Thanks Merman for your excellent considerations.

I'd like to point out that energy in other countries is more expensive, though. Energy in the USA is really inexpensive compared to other countries. So international readers should adjust the math.

Hardware Secrets
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