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Default Five Things you Need to Know About Power Supplies

There has been a new blog entry posted.

Title: Five Things you Need to Know About Power Supplies
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/blog/157

Here is a snippet:
"Hey folks. I started to collaborate on a new website called ExecTweets, on a section called IT Experts Blog. My first collaboration is an article about five things you should know about power supplies..."

Comments on this blog entry are welcome.

Best regards,
Hardware Secrets Team
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Olle P
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Nice little piece.

The #1 argument for not going cheap on the PSU is that bad PSUs kill the other computer components, as shown by PCStats. PSU-failure was 1/4 of all reported computer hardware problems!

Then I'd list my cravings of the PSU a bit differently:
1) Price tag within budget. (With the budget adapted to leave a reasonable amount of money for the PSU.)

2) Stay within allowable output values, up to and including the rated maximum power. (Hereby combining your first and third bullets, putting the third first because you rarely actually need the rated maximum, but definitely don't want the PSU to fry the other components at any output level.)

3) PSU protections, including use of quality components, to ensure a long life span. (Your fifth bullet.)

4) Low (in-)audible noise, to enhance quiet computing. (You missed this one, Gabe!)

5) "Clean" outputs. Towards the low voltage side as well as the high voltage, with low ripple and a good power factor.

High efficiency doesn't even make it to the top five list!
- There are virtually no really low efficiency PSUs around any more, so the financial savings in power cost is often completely negated or overshadowed by the extra cost to get those savings. To actually save money you'll need to leave the computer running at high load (distributed computing) 24/7 or have very expensive electricity. Where I live the electricity cost is typically 14 cents/kWh.
- The main reasons for using a high efficiency PSU is to reduce the need of noisy cooling and to reduce the load on the environment. The latter will save costs as a secondary effect in the long run by reducing global warming.
- In my mind the high efficiency is a gravy that sort of comes with the territory when buying a quality PSU anyway.

Now that the list is here, the main issue still remains:
How do I know if my chosen, but not yet purchased, PSU fulfil the demands on the list?
That question isn't answered by the short article...

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Gabriel Torres
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Thanks OlleP, I will keep you ideas in mind in a possible follow-up to this article. Meanwhile you should keep reading our reviews... ha!
Hardware Secrets
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