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Originally Posted by Gabriel Torres View Post
I have explained this already somewhere else.

OCP monitors the PSU secondary, monitoring a single output. It is implemented using a monitoring integrated circuit.

OPP/OLP monitors the PSU primary, monitoring the whole current pulled by the PSU. It is implemented usually on the PWM controller.

Both work similarly with the difference being where they are located and what they are monitoring.
Yes, you did already explain this in this thread. http://forums.hardwaresecrets.com/ev...-you-need/5604

I understand why your statements that OCP (Over Current Protection) is only on the Outputs is useful to explain virtual rails of a PSU but by definition this not correct. By definition OCP is actually any protection that monitors current. I pointed this out in the other thread by referencing the Intel Design Guidelines that requires OCP on Input and Output.

Referring to OCP on the primary side as OLP/OPP is convenient but it too is OCP. If my understanding of protections is correct only OCP is protection from a unit buring or exploding whether it is from monitoring of current from the input, primary or output.

I have been searching and so far the only place I have found the term OPP is for "the ones with integrated PWM controller (used by low-cost power supplies based on the half-bridge topology) "

If you look at an IC with OPP they usually state

 4. Over Power Protection (OPP)
The over power protection is designed to detect over power and short circuit.. When the voltage of OPP is higher than 2.4V and maintain this situation over 7msec, PG will be pulled low and the power outputs will be locked

This is the actions of OCP.

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Originally Posted by mockingbird View Post
What a shameful deception by thermaltake.

Like the reviewer said, at most this should be considered a 300W power supply, and even then, who knows how long it will last with those junky capacitors.

More garbage from Thermaltake.
Yes, I was hoping TT was above this marketing of low end PSUs as something they are not. They've had some real bad grapes in the past (mostly before the Toughpower era), this doesn't exactly elevate my esteem for them. Having had two TT PSUs kill my hardware in earlier years, I don't feel like putting them on my shopping list ever again. :-/
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Default Gabe would you please test this Segotep Gpower 850 "80+ Gold" unit?

This Segotep SG-850 AEG (rated at 750W) is marketed as a 750W power supply with 80Plus Gold efficiency. It's sold 119 Euro in Europe by Segotep(Colorful). Its 80Plus test report is actually a rebadged CWT DSG750V, but from the internals I see it's a PSH750V. How could an 80Plus Standard PSH750V become an 80Plus Gold DSG750V? They're cheating customers seriously by marketing an expensive PSH as an inexpensive 80Plus Gold unit.


Unboxing by pchs.it (unvealing its PSH nature).
Segotep SG-850 AEG 80Plus report.
CWT DSG750V 80Plus report, the "Ecos ID #" is identical. Segotep just reused this report as theirs.
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There seems to be some serious mixup in designations there.
- Pchs.it reviews a Gpower850. (80Plus Gold rated and modular.)
- There's a 80Plus (standard) verification report concerning Segotep SG-850 AEG.
- Segotep's own site mentions neither of these, but only SG-850W. (Basic 80Plus rating, not modular.)

The Gpower also seems to be missing the CE marking required for sales within the EU.

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