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Default SilverStone Raven RV02 Case Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: SilverStone Raven RV02 Case Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/789

Here is a snippet:
"With Raven RV01 SilverStone introduced a new concept on the market: it was the first case where the motherboard is rotated 90, making the rear connectors to be available on the top part of the case. ..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

Best regards,
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Olle P
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Big question (for some reason applicable to all reviews of cases with air intakes in the bottom):
What's the ground clearance?
For this case I'd say anything less than 1" is too little...

Then I don't see why this case should qualify as a full tower. It's not that big, and it can't hold that many drives.

The holes for water cooling are in an extremely awkward position, require any user to use a stiff angled tube (creating significant flow impedance) rather than a fairly straight hose.

The fan control switches seem to be placed in a position that's awkward to reach during normal computer work.

I don't like the PSU having to suck (warm) air from the same spot as the 12cm case fan. This will increase the noise level.

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Gabriel Torres
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Although it is not as tall as other full-tower cases, it is definetely deeper. It is an unusual case that will please people that like unusual parts...

Hardware Secrets
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I'm holding out for the Fortress version (FT02) announced at Comdex. It is the same basic internal layout, but more restrained, elegant looks. The vertical Motherboard orientation is so obviously superior I'm amazed no one has thought of it before. Indeed I thought I had invented it about a year ago before Silverstone launched the (monumentally ugly) RV01!

Olle P: Remember the fans at the base of the case are sucking - air sucks round corners much easier than it blows. I think the ground clearance is adequate unless you are placing it on a shag pile carpet! In any case it would be very easy to increase the clearance if necessary. Also I think you have missed the point about the PSU - it sucks air in through the back of the case and blows it out the top in line with the rest of the airflow.

The possible problems I see with this layout are:

- Clearance between the connectors and the top cover - particularly for VGA connectors through adapters.

- 5.25" Optical drives really spoil the cooling party by presenting a large flat horizontal surface to obstruct the vertical airflow - and you can do nothing about it at least with tray loading drives. I think I will leave these bays empty and use an external optical drive.

- I would like there to be an optional clip-on plastic duct at the back of the case to (optionally) take the cables down to exit at the bottom of the case.

- It would be neat to have one or two hot-swap SATA drive slots with the drives sliding in vertically from the top retained by gravity.
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I bought this case and have it sitting right next to me on the desk
the first thing I noticed is it's feckin huge not tall but goes back along ways
the second thing I noticed is the the reset/power switches were installed back to front (no biggie but require time to remove and swap over)
thirdly the HDD (RED) LED was knacked (replaced it with a nice blue LED)

now I've got 5 HDD's so the 1 3x3.5" HDD cage wasn't going to cut it alone so I bought a nice Lian LI HDD cage with a 120mm fan on the front (and to my surprise the fan fits in behind the front easily )

this has to be one of the coolest running case's I've ever owned and has plenty of room for tall HSF's
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