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Default Antec Two Hundred Case Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: Antec Two Hundred Case Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/847

Here is a snippet:
"Two Hundred is an inexpensive case from Antec, costing only USD 50 in the US. Is it a good choice? Let's see. *Figure 1: Antec Two Hundred case.*Figure 2: Antec Two Hundred case.Two Hundred has a smal..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Olle P
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From the conclusion:
Weak Points:
No support for floppy disk drives (who still uses a floppy anyway?).
I do use a floppy!
... but more important is that lots of users have 3.5" memory card readers, which makes the external 3.5" slot a very going concern!

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Lady Fitzgerald
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Default Weak Points

I agree with Olle; a floppy bay I could install a card reader in would have been nice. I'll have to get an adapter to mount the reader in a 5.25" bay or mount the reader in the hot swap bay and install a hot swap adapter in the 5.25" bay.

The reviewer said the back and inside of the case wasn't painted. Not true. It has a thin coat of gray paint on the back and the interior (a durable coat of black paint would have been nice but this is a $50 case).

The reviewer complained about the bay covers and the slot covers not being meshed. I live in a very dusty climate so having a case that can be sealed up except for filtered air intakes is highly desireable. I selected this case partially because it will be easy to seal up.

Another complaint was the lack of screwless mechanisms for installing hard drives. Again, it's a $50 case. Mounting a hard drive with screws is more secure than using plastic gizmos. Besides, how hard is it to twist in screws? I'm an old broad pushing 61 and I can still wield a pretty mean screwdriver.

Cushioning for the hard drives would have been nice but, again, it's a $50 case.

I agree about the lack of an eSATA port. Although I have no need of one, how hard or expensive would it have been to put one in.

I wonder if the reviewer tested the hot swap bay? The connector board in mine bent when the screws were tightened at the factory causing the part that goes into the hard drive to be angled up slightly. It takes a lot of effort to get the hard drive to engage. I am unable to pull the drive out without opening the case and pushing from inside. I'm going to fool with it some and if I can't get it to work right I'll just park the card reader there and get a hot swap adapter for one of the 5.25" bays. I was considering that anyway since most adapters are fan cooled.

(Post edit: I removed the little connector board inside the hot swap bay. The screws were not excessively tight so how did the board get bent? I plugged it onto a Seagate HDD. It's a tad snug but no more than could be expected from a new connector on a new HDD; it will loosen nicely with use. On a hunch, while the connector was still attached to the HDD, I inserted the HDD into the bay until it locked in. I loosely reinstalled the mounting screws and tried unplugging and replugging in the HDD several times. It went in fairly easily but took quite a bit of effort to pull it out, which actually is one heck of an improvement! It should loosen up nicely with use. Getting in close with a magnifier and extra light--the old eyes aren't what they used to be--I saw there was a 1mm or more gap under the board, something a little shimming with washers will easily fix. I'm also going to use longer screws to loosely mount the board so it can flex as needed to fit the HDDs more freely and use locking nuts underneath to keep the screws from vibrating out. This is basically a $0.50 fix, about $20 cheaper than getting a separate hot swap bay, and air flow is better in the factory location.)

The reviewer placed a lot of importance on the amount of mesh on the front (which I agree with) but failed to mention that there is an easily accessed and easy to clean filter behind all that mesh. That was the main reason I bought this case. One side of the case has to be removed to get to the three retaining clips that hold the front on but I got around that by drilling a tiny hole in the side over each retaining clip so I can insert a tiny jeweler's screwdriver in the hole to release the clip.

I wish Antec had made the case about 0.5" to 0.75" wider so there would have been room to run some cables behind the mobo. Still, there is plenty of room to the left of the drives for cable management. I also wish Antec hadn't put that stupid raised sheet metal under the PSU. If that part of the case had been left flat, there would have been enough air flow under the PSU to allow mounting the PSU fan side down, putting the cables in a better position. Oh well.

Despite my complaints, for me, this case is much better than the two alternates the reviewer suggested (the first has that stupid inaccessable fan filter on the bottom, the second is too bizarre, and both are too hard to seal against dust). The price is low enough I don't mind voiding the warranty by modding it and doesn't come with a bunch of adapters, etc., I may not need.

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