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Default Mionix Naos 5000 Mouse Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: Mionix Naos 5000 Mouse Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/949

Here is a snippet:
"Let's get right to the point: what a fantastic mouse this Mionix Naos 5000 is. Aside for some minor gripes that you'll see in our review, the mouse has gone far above and beyond the call of duty and, ..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

Best regards,
Hardware Secrets Team
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Dont be offended, but person who use mouse acceleration really cant be considered as "gamer". Maybe occasional gamer.. but very far from progamer.

Mouse itself seems nice, but it seems really interesting if you compare Mionix Naos, Gigabyte Ghost (GM M8000X) and Ozone Smog. These mices are bit too similar for just coincidence. I suspect that someone manufactures complete inside of mices and those just designed outfit and SW.

Tough, Naos seems as best from it (at least SW and ergonomic/desing wise).

Still, if it behaves as those which I named, its very far from being true "gaming" mouse.

Ive tested Logitech G9x, SteelSeries "Epic Fail" Xai, Ozone Smog and Gigabyte Ghost and can say, that only G9x deserve title "progaming" mouse.

I think Ill try Naos, its cheap, maybe it will work..
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Olle P
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Doesn't the brief introduction "Swedish company delivers..." really say just about everything required to provide it with a golden award?

The Mionix HQ is seated in the city of Vxj in the south of Sweden, not too far from where I grew up.

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Well, it will be pure China inside. But if its from Sweden, than I have less doubts about mouse..
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Default I need to add something

I am Naos 5000 user, and I am the one who wrote
Pro :

1. The best Grip in the world
If you are right hand palm grip user with average hand size,
it is the best mouse grip in the world. I can say that.
Well, if you have extremely small or big hand /
finger or claw grip user / or left hand user? Then forget about it.

However, I am really, really picky about grip.
I have owned several expensive mice: Mamba,
Sidewinder X8, Performance MX, Explorer Mini, Intelliopitical and so on.
I also grabbed G500, mx518, Copperhead, Explorer, MX1100, Anywhere MX, G3, G1,
Deathadder, and other mice
However, all of those have something was missing.
I found Naos 5000 before it was released, I hadn\'t toughed yet, but I knew it has the best grip, because I had used so many mice that I can draw
which mouse design makes good grip.

This is reason why I bought Naos 5000, and Naos did not make me to be disappointed about grip. All five fingers are covered perfectly, and palm itself too.
Grip itself it just wonderful, perfect.

2. Sensor is really nice.
According to other reviewers, its sensor is Avago\'s ANDS-9500, which is one of the best razer sensors in the world. Xai, G500, and G9x are using same one too.
Personally, I also have no problem with this level of tracking.

3. Software is incredible.
I have used Microsoft, Razer, and Logitech\'s software, but none of them are on same level of Naos. It has all features that mouse software can do: Dpi control with separate X & Y value, amount of scroll, surface analyzer, change all the buttons, 24 LED colors available, and also can turn off all of led or, turn on specific leds.

Firmware update is a bit problematic, which does not operate on my laptop. But it works fine on my desktop and I think firmware update on laptop is dangerous, and it does not have serious needs to update firmware(it does not have huge flaw unlike mamba)

And it has no delay problem on software like that of Razer.

Cons :

1. Wheel is not good.
Firstly, when I tried to scroll my wheel, it frequently is clicked. It should not be click that easily. It is minor flaw, but still flaw, and this clicking sound is relatively loud.
Second problem is, no tilt wheel. I knew this problem, but it is still disappointing.

2. Packaging seems very cheap.
It does not even taped. When you open the package, you can find the cardboard made package, and it is not even fixed. There are really few contents in the package: the mouse, weighs, and tiny paper with 4 pages without any useful information(It is not even manual) No CD, no manual. You only get the stuff. That\'s it. Again, that\'s it.

If it is relatively cheap mouse compared to competitors, then I put it as pro, because they tried to reduce cost by using cheaper packing style. However, I think its competitor is G500, less than $80. Naos 5000 is over $90. It is not something under $70. Also, I found its weight management system is also cheaply maded. I saw some metal remnant powder in the weigh cage, and opening and closing weigh in the mouse make loud noise


This review on http://www.medusa-usa.com, where you can get naos 5000.

So, I mean, I agree with this mouse is great(but package is not that great). However, I found out 2 comfort related flaws.

1. Sweat
Because this mouse is too fit your hand, it has sweat issue.
Yes, All other Uretan mices have same issue, and it is something controversial, because Uretan gives more smooth feeling.

However, I put it as flaw, because this mouse is "EXACTLY" fits
your hand. After usage of some hours, you can feel sweaty feeling
from your hands more likely than other uretan based mices.
I personally used (uretan based)Razer Mamba before, I have no problem with mamba. Some of other sensitive mamba user claim about sweat issue, but I was fine. However, Naos goes over that. It has enough heat/sweat conserved between my hand and the mouse that bugs me out.

2. Side button.
The side button is not great. it placed greatly, but sometimes, you can feel cheaply made feeling. It is hard to describe, though I think I can feel emptiness when I press the side buttons. And when I press one button, another button moves a bit. That give weird feeling as well.

I personally have Mamba, Sidewinder X8, Performance MX, and has used Copperhead, Explorer Mini, Intelli Optical, and other mices.

I think Naos is one of the best, and it is close to the mouse I am seeking for, but still it has some problems.

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