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Default Topower TOP-1100P10 Power Supply Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: Topower TOP-1100P10 Power Supply Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/654

Here is a snippet:
"In the beginning of this year when nVidia was promoting their ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture) technology they sent to selected media a Thermaltake Armor+ ESA case, a Thermaltake BigWater 780e wat..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Olle P
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Originally Posted by Page 9
... the fact that it uses two 80-mm fans instead of one 140-mm one, which certainly makes this power supply to be noisy and hotter than competing products.
Not necessarily true.
It is possible but not definitely true that this PSU might be a little noisier.
However, the cooling is more sufficient in this PSU than if there had been a single large side mounted fan. With the two fans and hollow heatsinks used for this PSU there is an assured airflow passing quietly along both heatsinks, resulting in maximum heat transfer from the sinks to the air. The air flow can thus be kept to a minimum for a given level of cooling, and the heatsinks will generate very little turbulence and thus noise from the passing air.
With a regular side blower you get dead space with no moving air at the corners facing away from the venting holes. Some air will further cross the heatsinks in a direction that generate more turbulence and noise, while some air will pass straight through without contributing to the cooling.

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From page 5:

The +5 V output is produced by two STPS60L45CW Schottky rectifiers, each one capable of handling up to 60 A (30 A per internal diode) at 135º C. So in theory the +5 V output can deliver up to 60 A or 300 W at 135º C (the two rectifiers don’t conduct at the same time and thus we have to consider just one of them for our calculations).
So you looked into this and Travis had a good point??? Did I miss any post were you discussed your research???

And if this is so, how does the CWT 750VH 750 W Power Supply put out so much power???

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Gabriel Torres
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Both this text and all my previous texts regarding the maximum current/power the secondary can deliver are wrong and I will be fixing this today. I finally understood how it really works. Not so complicated.

The average current on each diode will be IL x (1 - D), where IL is the load current (current being pulled from that output) and D is the duty cycle.

After I finish correcting all reviews I will post on my blog a complete list of things that I got it wrong in the past and what is the correct idea. This involves several minor fixes.

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