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Default ATI Chips Comparison Table

There has been a new article posted.

Title: ATI Chips Comparison Table
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/131

Here's a snippet:
With more and more graphics chips being released every day it became very complicated for the user who does not follow the video card market to know the differences among all ATI graphic chips in the ...

Comments on this article are welcome.
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One additional clarification to the Shader Model issue is that cards from the X700 through the X850 supported Shader Model 2.0b (DirectX 9.0b) - a substantial improvement over SM2.0, though not fully compatible with more advanced features of SM3.0
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Gabriel Torres
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Thanks for the advice!

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Nice comparison table, but I would just add an asterisk to the "Pixels per clock" column, because up to Radeon 10 or Radeon X850 XT and also R11 = RX1800XT pixels per clock are truly 16, but starting from X1900GT pixels per clock are not 36 and up, but depends on card - how many ROP's it's got. All radeons 11, 12 and 13 (X19xx and HD2xxx) have at most 16 pixels per clock except for R_HD_3870X2 that has 2x16. Well RHD4xxx too - because they also have only 16 ROP's. Only the newer 15 and above (RHD5xxx and above) have max. 32 pixels because of max 32 ROP's.
However - you could say that above X1800XT (X1900 and above) the number refers to pixel shader units, but even then things are not to be too simplified because if one takes a radeon 9800 PRO - it has 8 shaders? No. It has 4 VLIW5 vertex shaders and 8 VLIW4 pixel shaders, so that makes 20+32=52 individual units. Similarly a Radeon X1900 XT has 8 VLIW5 vertex shaders and 48 VLIW4 pixel shaders, which makes a grand total of 40+192=232 individual units. I say individual because now, that ATI has finally released a "1D" architecture, it has 2048 individual units. But Radeon HD 6970 before it had 1536 individual units or more accurately 384 shaders (HD2900XT has 320 ind. units and 64 shaders).

I realise that this might seem overwhelming, but it's the simplest way to look at the graphics processors while also being able to expect its speed from the number of units.

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Andle Riddum
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Not sure whether these tables are going to be that useful especially compared to the Tom's Hardware Hierarchy list. However your power supply reviews are second to none.
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Default error in ATI comparison table

hi guys.. i realy appreciate your list of GPU's and i use it a lot to give advice to people what to buy....
in the ati comparison table you mention an R7 270 and 270x...
this is a mistake.. those chips are R9 and not R7..
best regards ant keep up the good work
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Default mobile GPU's ?

long time as pasive reader on this site,register just to need request for HS to add list of laptop n notebook GPU's comparison.
this days its hard to decide what laptop/notebook GPU capable of,combine with its prize tag.
for desktop this GPU list is my holytable for guidance in life.SO MUCH HELPFULL.save money against crapy marketing useles spec.i curently pc builder store in my small city in poor develop country that 60% hardware are second hand.
Thank HS.
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