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Default Antec Sonata Proto Case Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: Antec Sonata Proto Case Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/992

Here is a snippet:
"Antec has just launched another case on their Sonata line-up, called Sonata Proto, which follows the same design concept from Sonata III 500 and Sonata Elite, two products that we've already reviewed...."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Olle P
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Page 1:
... while the older versions have a shiny black automotive painting, the new Sonata Proto uses a standard matte black paint job. The paint job is not bad, but the other members from the family are better-looking.
Isn't this mostly a matter of personal opinion?
An indisputable fact is that the shiny black will catch all and every fingerprint visible, as well as display all forms of dust and scratches very clearly. A matte paint is, from this point of view, a lot more practical!

Page 2:
One of the main flaws ... the power button is located behind the door, making you to have to open the front door every time you want to turn your computer on or off. After a while it is really tiring.
How can that be tiring?
- Normally most users will turn the power on once or twice per day, which makes opening the front a non-tiring issue.
- If you know you'll have to use the button several times within a short time frame it's always possible to leave the door open.
- If you still don't like to open the door on those rare occasions when you start the computer, there's always the option to activate "wake on keyboard" and use the keyboard to start the computer.

On the other hand: Having the power button behind a lockable door makes it suitable for use in homes with small kids (that you don't want to have easy access to that button) or in semi-public places.

The washable air filter.
A nice feature, but it's at least semi-difficult to get to for frequent cleaning.

Last page:
Weak Points
* Right panel permanently attached to the chassis.
* No hole for CPU cooler back plate installation on the motherboard tray.
* No holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray.
* Could have come with thumbscrews for fastening daughter boards.
- Given that the right panel is permanently attached, what good is it to have installation features behind the motherboard plate? No use at all!
Having those holes would save on the material used, but probably add to the manufacturing cost and possibly weaken the structure.
- Thumbscrews are nice, but cost more than regular screws.

My conclusion:
This is a (fairly) low cost quality case obviously aimed at users that don't do much work inside it. With that in mind I think Antec has reached a very good balance in having the useful features present while keeping the costs down.
I wouldn't mind the case accepting CPX PSUs though...

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