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Default SilverStone Sugo SG07 Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: SilverStone Sugo SG07 Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/artic...07-Review/1064

Here is a snippet:
"The SilverStone Sugo SG07 is a small form factor (SFF) case supporting mini-ITX and mini-DTX motherboards. Although small, it is targeted to users that want to build a powerful gaming PC, as it suppor..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Olle P
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Overall this seems like a nice case for its intended purpose, but I do have some questions and comments...

PSU: - The air intake is at the bottom, but ground clearance to get some air in there seems very slim. Am I right?
- Exhaust from the PSU is where? The lower mesh near the front in figure 1?
Top fan: - Is this supposed to draw air into or out of the case?
If drawing air out I see no reason for having a filter there, and if pushing air in that might screw up the cooling of chipset and graphics.
Graphics card: - Given the very short distance between a typical dual slot cooler and the case side I see very little reason for using the "duct". Furthermore there's no dust filter on the side vent, so the graphics cooler will get dust ridden.
CPU: - How much room is there for the CPU cooler?

"The number of connectors is perfect, ..."
While I think it's okay, "perfect" isn't a word that comes to mind.
- You don't mention the cable lengths. Are they regular or adapted for this small case?
- Two cables with two 6/8-pin PCIe connectors each is fine for two high end graphics cards, but that combo won't fit in the case anyway. One cable only, featuring separate wires for the two connectors, would be a better option for avoiding cable salad in this case.
- One can assume that any optical drive, HDD and SSD will all use SATA power connectors, in which case having only three of those seems like one to little.
- If, on the other hand, drives with Molex connectors is used having only one of those is too little. (And it isn't mentioned how the big fan is powered.)

Then I also found a minor mistake:
On page 8 the prices have been switched, indicating the version with side window is the cheaper one.

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