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Default Budget Gaming Mouse and Gamepad

Hey guys. Looking for a decent gaming mouse ($50 or under) and a gamepad.

The gamepad will be for fighting games and sports (ie. SSF4, soccer games). The mouse will be for RTS and FPS mostly I guess. Nothing too fancy, it doesn't have to have 10 programmable buttons.

These are in stock in my area and I'm considering them. What do you guys think?


Logitech Dual Action Gamepad - $24


Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse - $50

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 - $50

Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse - $45

P.S. Does a good mousepad make a big difference? If so, could someone suggest one for $20 or under?


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Olle P
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Mhat makes a good mouse is so much about personal taste that I won't recommend anything. And there's none I can say is bad either.

Originally Posted by mishimaBeef View Post
P.S. Does a good mousepad make a big difference?
A good mousepad makes a huge difference!
To me "good" means: 1) good tracking capabilities, and 2) easy glide of the mouse.

In my limited experience it's the glide that separates decent mats from cheap/bad/none, while the tracking part is more about finding a well functioning mat/mouse combination.

For office use I've found a cheap ($3) mat branded "Golden Laser" to be superb!
The surface is a little rough and shiny, it's just 0.6mm thick, with a sticky underside that glues to the table (removable without leaving residue).
It has got a ($5) "gaming" version as well, which I bought for use at home. That one is twice as big, and thicker with a rubber underside. Not at all that exact as my impression with the smaller mat. In fact, with my mouse the moves are asymmetrical, going faster "up" than "down", ending up with the mouse constantly shifted closer to the lower end of the mat. That one I do not recommend.

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Default g300 price matched to $36 or so


g300 is a nice mouse with 9 buttons placed in easy to reach spots .... $36 or so price tag after a price match makes it a sweet buy ....
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I have the abyssus, its a great mouse for RTS, even FPS. If you intend to play games like WoW (MMO) I advise you to get a more comfortable one, your hand will start to hurt in those kinds of games XD.
It is acctualy used by lots pros in the Starcraft 2 scene, LoL and FPS quake live. So when pros use it you know its a good mouse.

Keep in mind its not really ergonomic, its about performance. And its among the most lightest mice out there. So if you want more comfort while playing, chose another.

And about the mouse mat, It all depends what games you play, for FPS gamemats with more friction tend to do beter than those with less. For RTS its the other way around, you want to flick your mouse fast here and there, so less friction. Keep in mind its also user preference.

Razer Goliathus speed = more friction = FPS
Razer Goliathus control = less friction = RTS If you buy the HUGE version it costs 20moneys, smaller is lower. And yes 20 moneys for a mouse mat is among the high end cost.

If you chose one over the other, lets say goliathus contorl, you can still use it in a FPS game, if your a good shot it will not matter much (you get used to it). It all depends on your hand grip and so on. Aslong as you dont have a crappy office mouse mat, your muscle memory will adapt.

I dont have much experience with other companys, razer is, well, their support is ****, drivers sometimes dont work well.. But they are the leader in gaming peripherals, so they must be doing something right. Steelseries is also good.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask, it is a large theme.
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