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Default PSU dead.. possible further damage?

Hello everyone, so here is my story.

One day and while my PC was powered off, my PSU died (it was a Corsair TX850). It even caused the circuit breaker on my main electrical panel to shut down.
I had an old Corsair 400W, so i plugged that in and everything seemed to work fine, PC started normally with no issues.

But after a couple of days when i tried to power on my PC, i heard fans starting to spin, lights coming on, but after 1 second PC shut down. Although a little light the motherboard has still stays on after that, showing that PSU still delivers some kind of power. I tried to power it on again but nothing happened, the second time it didn't even power on for that 1 second. So i unplug the power cable of my PSU, wait a little, then plug it in again and then my PC started normally. When it starts normally nothing else happens, it works without any issues. This has happened to me a couple of times now. It doesn't happen every time i try to power on my PC.
Now there is something else that might have to do with that problem. My motherboard has a feature that allows you to charge your mobile phone while the PC is powered off via a USB, so i use that all the time. I think that every time this problem happens i have my mobile phone charging, but i didn't have any issues with my old PSU.

So my questions are these:

a) What exactly happens? This problem started happening after my PSU died and i switched to the backup one. This behavior points to what component having problems?

b) Is there a chance when my PSU died to have caused some kind of damage to my motherboard and cause it to sometimes have problems starting? I specifically bought an expensive PSU to have all those over current protections etc, and now i am wondering if those protections do anything if the PSU itself had damage, especially when it even caused the power on my room to shutdown..
Not to mention that the PSU died when the PC was powered off, it was just plugged in.

Also the status code on that little on board screen on the motherboard shows no problems. I also run Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool which showed no problems.

Really need some expert help here. I hope my motherboard or anything else hasn't been damaged by my dead PSU. frown.gif

My PC is this:

MB: Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
CPU: i5 3570k
PSU that died: Corsair TX850
PSU i use now: Corsair 400W
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB
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It's possible that your new PSU doesn't like having the phone charged by the USB port when it's on standby. What are the 5vsb current ratings on the old and new PSUs?
No wonder it doesn't work! You installed the coils backwards!

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Would have thought it was the CX400, in which case 2.5A.

AFAIK all TX850s have 3A on the +5VSB rail.
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