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Default CoolIT Vantage CPU Water Cooler Review

There has been a new article posted.

Title: CoolIT Vantage CPU Water Cooler Review
URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/artic...er-Review/1185

Here is a snippet:
"Today we are*reviewing*the CoolIT Vantage, a liquid cooling system. It is a sealed system, with the pump integrated to the CPU block, which has an LCD display that shows the current liquid temperature..."

Comments on this article are welcome.

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Hardware Secrets Team
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Olle P
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I'm a bit underwhelmed by this cooler, possibly for little reason...

First we have the little notion in the conclusion: "The only problem we found was that the "quiet" mode didn't work the way we expected: our sample kept the fan always at full speed."
For me, being a noise concious consumer, that is a major flaw that needs addressing!
- Is it just your sample that is faulty, or is this a bug present on all shipped products?
- Does it only apply to the quiet mode, or does Performance and Extreme also keep the fan at full speed?
- What can be done to fix it, according to CoolIT?

Then we have the potential power feed issue.
Since all power for the pump and fan is drawn off the motherboard's CPU fan header it would be nice to know how much power this is when the pump and fan are running at full speed. CoolIT doesn't provide that info...

And what about the feedback signal to the motherboard? Can the mobo read the fan speed or not? (The display on the CPU block is of course not visible unless the case has a side window.)

Finally there's the temperature control. Based only on the liquid temperature, which is excellent from a regulation point of view, it relies on the BIOS to shut the computer down should there be a poor thermal connection to the CPU.
Also, the operating modes (when working as advertised) only make a difference when the liquid temperature is in the range between 30 and 55 centigrade. It would be very nice to have seen how well it can perform in quiet mode (when functional).
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Rafael Coelho
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The problem with quiet (and performance) modes seems to be due to a flawed sample.
So far CoolIT didn't say anything about it.
The motherboard could read the RPM from the fan and it was always the same as shown on the display.

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