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Angry Anyone having luck with Windows 8?

Hi folks,

Just had a new gaming rig custom built for myself, and unfortunately it came with Windows 8 Pro. I, like so many others, have been having a nightmare dealing with Driver/Chipset and the like upgrades. Half the time my Boot Drive will be locked upon Window's Restart, a quarter of the time my System will hang or slow down, and the other part of the time I'll get System errors telling me to run the Repair Disc - I'll do that, and Window's will tell me it cannot repair the problem! It then advises me to either Refresh, Reset, or Re-install Windows 8.

I see Critical Errors in the Event Viewer, Warnings, all on a daily basis. When looking at Task Manager, I always see LiveComm.Exe in a suspended state (I think that's causing the System hangs - other apps are waiting for it to run, and since it's in a suspended state, they all sit there and wait.

I was able to trace one upgrade Intel Driver package - their Intel Rapid Storage Technology package, to instantly crash and burn my System, so badly that I had to Re-install Windows. The first time it happened I wasn't sure if it was the culprit, but the second time I kept meticulous track of each and every package I loaded, and restarted after each one. It was only after installing the Intel RST pack that it burned my System.

After that, I knew enough not to add that to my update routine. Oh, when I contacted ASUS, my MOBO manufacturer about this problem, they told me that I should have added that driver package BEFORE I upgraded to Window's 8. My response to them - you should mention that on your website

Anyway, right now I have Windows 8 on two SSDs and Window's 7 on an HDD. Under Window's 8 they are all supposed to be displayed on the Windows 8 Boot Volume Display Screen - they are, and I'm supposed to be able to click on each different Volume to Boot up the PC under that's Volume's Operating System. Guess what? It only works for the Window's 8 Volumes and not for the Windows 7 Volume. If I click on Windows 7, I get a Boot error - said to use the Repair disc - I used the Win 7 Repair disc - could not repair the problem. Figures .

Another warning - they have this File System that replaced RESTORE. It keeps placing copies of your personal files away for safekeeping. All the time, every day, sometimes every hour. Mountains of redundant data. If you have an SSD Boot drive like I do, I placed these files on another drive. But I kept seeing my free space being eaten away - in the past week 50 GBs were gone! I only had 19GB free of a 128GB SSD. I traced it to my local app directory - Window's was storing copies of this File History under that Directory too - Why? It ran into some sort of Config Error on the original storage drive (and never warned me). I had to fix it, then as part of its routine, I had it delete the extra files. I had most of my free space back then.

You know, I'm beginning to H8 Windows H8.


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Windows Hate will probably be just as much of a disaster as Vista (Vistrash) and ME (Mistake Edition). I still use XP on all of my PCs, and it's gonna stay that way until the day nothing is compatible with it. I even prefer it over 7.
No wonder it doesn't work! You installed the coils backwards!

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hmmm..dunno about your situation. i'm using windows 8 (dual booted with 7) and never encountered a single issue. disable system restore though, and every time i want to switch to windows 7 i have to restart twice, but for me it's not an issue
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WinXP is much more forgiving when overclocking.
If it all goes south, WinXP is easier to repair-reinstall, loose no files, and be back in business.
For me it's just the operating system I prefer to use, and that's not because I'm afraid of change, I repair and upgrade machines all the time running Vista and Win7.
As far as my machine being a powerful monster, well it can play any game I play without me having to compromise my eye candy settings, so for some using WinXP is simply a matter of choice, it's what we choose to do.
And WinXP is still a very competitive operating system, IMO it's only drawback is it cannot run DX10 or DX11, if it could, Microsoft could keep the new offerings as far as I am concerned, and WinXP would have stomped them into their graves.
Microsoft is not stupid though, and as far as DX10 and DX11 we all will have to downgrade our operating systems in the future!
I hope this helps your understanding of "Why do people still use XP?
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